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Using an iPad on a tripod for Video Footage

On New Year’s Eve I was broadcasting from a hospital A&E unit.  We wanted to drive listeners to the pieces by promoting on the BBC Health Unit’s Facebook page so I was asked to film a short promo.  In the past I’d have used a Video Journalist camera, then had to upload to my laptop, edit, compress and file.  This time, it was a bit easier.  Here’s a shot showing an iPad mini, slotted into an iographer tripod mount.  It has three hot shoe (well, cold shoe to be precise).  I’m using a wide angle lens that has a 37mm thread which screws onto the iographer.  Next there’s a Manfrotto Klyp light and a Sony Radio Mic Receiver which plugs into the headphone socket on the iPad.  The whole lot is sitting on a cheap tripod.







This next shot shows the screen side of things.

IMG_2395I filmed it using Filmicpro for two reasons.  Firstly the upload capability includes dropbox – so I can send it to a shared dropbox that others can get access to.  Secondly, because I was self-filming this, I needed to see the picture I was setting up.  You can’t swivel an iPad round to have a look at the shot.  Filmic Pro has a sister app called Filmic Remote.  It makes a connection between the iPad app and the one running on your iPhone.  This way I was able to stand in front of the camera and look at the shot on my iPhone and adjust myself accordingly.  I should have lit up my light to  so apologies for the dark shot but it was terrible weather – which the iographer doesn’t offer any protection for.



And here’s the finished promo which I warmed up a bit using Videograde