Mo Salah – Making a Documentary.

I’ve never fallen off the back of a camel before but if you’re going to do it then you may as well be at the foot of a pyramid dressed in a Liverpool FC shirt surrounded by a crowd of people convinced you might actually be a multi-millionaire footballer. As you can plainly see, I … Read More

Mobile Journalism Is Dead

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It was journalism that was mobile and it should have had a long and happy life. But Mobile Journalism, or MoJo as it became known, is dead. It has ceased to be. MoJo’s obituary reads that it was a way for journalists or reporters to work single-handedly to create audio, video, photographic and text based … Read More

Radio Reporting From a Phone

  A selection of pieces I’ve recorded, edited and filed or broadcast live on a smartphone   1. Christmas Floods At 1100 I’m sent on a 150 mile drive to Cockermouth in Cumbria for a piece to go out on air before 1700.  The drive takes three hours.  The piece was mixed in a tea … Read More

Reporting: Inside The Story

In 2015 I travelled twice round the world, reporting on some of the biggest news events of the year.  BBC 5 live has asked me to look back at the places I’d been to and talk about the things I’d seen.  Here’s the programme – you can download an MP3 version of it from the … Read More

Reporting in a Riot

Most of the time reporters don’t get hassled when they’re doing their job.  However, there are occasions when things can be volatile – it only takes a moment before moods change and you can find yourself the target for abuse or attack.  I’ve had the (mis) fortune to be in that situation a number of … Read More

Paris: Charlie Hebdo

Twelve people were murdered in the attack in January 2015 on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine based in Paris.  The following day a policewoman was shot dead and the day after that four shoppers in a Jewish supermarket were killed.  On the day of the first shootings I was sent out to … Read More

Ebola – How To Cover A Story Without Reporters

The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa in 2014 was a logistical nightmare for medics to tackle.  It took a year for wide scale deployment of teams on the ground because of the need to keep people safe.  For journalists it posed a host of new problems. Ebola, as you’ll be aware, is easily spread … Read More

Nepal: 6 months on

In November 2015, six months after Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake I went back to see what had changed.  Journalists often feel they do little good in the world but, occasionally, you realise you CAN do something useful.      


The earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 killed an estimated 8000 men women and children.  It was an appalling tragedy in a country that was, let’s be generous, not the best equipped to deal with an emergency tang affected such a large area.  I heard the news and sent a text message to my News … Read More

Want To Stay Alive & Safe When Travelling?

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Travelling to far flung places or nipping off on a city break at the weekend? If you’re a journalist the chances are you will be travelling alone with a small amount of kit.  It gives you much greater freedom to explore and work in the way you want – but, inevitably, the onus for your … Read More

Seriously: Do You Really Need An iPhone?

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The Headlines…. An iPhone X costs £1000 The OnePlus 5 series costs £500 less. The OnePlus 5 series should be making Apple and Samsung more than a little worried. Here’s a picture taken on the OnePlus using the ‘portrait mode’.   From the very first year Apple released it, I’ve used an iPhone. For a … Read More