Most of the time reporters don’t get hassled when they’re doing their job.  However, there are occasions when things can be volatile – it only takes a moment before moods change and you can find yourself the target for abuse or attack.  I’ve had the (mis) fortune to be in that situation a number of times during my career.  In the riots of 2011, getting on air – and staying safe – proved difficult.

In the past I’ve had to resort to using mobile phones (or, in the really old days, a callbox that was being rocked and pushed by a crowd of rioters in Bradford) to get accurate information out.  This time, though, we were able to use an iPhone and Luci Live, a VOIP app, to broadcast, safely, in quality.  Here’s a film we made for the BBC about events in the riots and how using a smartphone made it a lot safer than other ways of broadcasting.