A selection of pieces I’ve recorded, edited and filed or broadcast live on a smartphone


1. Christmas Floods

At 1100 I’m sent on a 150 mile drive to Cockermouth in Cumbria for a piece to go out on air before 1700.  The drive takes three hours.  The piece was mixed in a tea shop, helped by an iced bun.  Filed from the phone and on the air at 1650.


2. Dementia: Amsterdam Style

Hogeway is a home for people with Dementia.  The edit was done on the journey home.  One hour to wait for the plane, a half hour flight and by the time I’d gone through Customs the piece was sitting in the producer’s inbox.

3. Goths in Whitby at Halloween

Piece was edited in a hotel roomand the next morning I broadcast on Luci Live on the phone and talked into the package I’d cut the night before.



4. Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral.. from a Mining Town’s Point of View

35 minutes to package the audio up from the day in South Yorkshire.