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If you’ve got an iPhone 6+/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS or 3 you won’t have failed to notice that they all have something in common.  The  battery is rubbish.  Here’s what to do about it.   Best bet is to get something like mophie_juice_pack_helium_heroa Mophie jacket – a battery that fits inside a case.  It supercharges the internal battery and protects the phone.

The second best bet is a high capacity battery that your iphone plugs into using a USB cable. It ensures the battery will work.  I’ve tested and tried dozens of them – some are great, some are rubbish.  Some are easy to operate, others are just too complicated to be of any real use (anything where you have to press button A twice and then button B is useless).

Until it was stolen (long story) I was using a New Trent IMP 120D which, it’s claimed, will charge your iPhone six times from a single charge (although with an 11 hour recharge time it flipping well should recharge it that much!).

It’s quite big: 4″ x 3.5″ x 1″ and weighs 10 ounces but it’s enough for a couple of days of heavy work away from any phone socket and, with a full length USB cable attached to it, it means using the phone is still fairly easy and with two USB sockets on it, you can charge two things at once.  The downside is that it requires its own (included, but heavy) mains charger.

Now, post theft, I’m using an EC Technology battery with two USB sockets and a standard USB charging socket.  It produces a staggering 22400 mAh. Enough to charge a 4S 13 times!  AND.. it has a torch (why?  Seriously… why?).  It weighs too much to keep in your pocket but it’s been a lifesaver on numerous occasions. 61bryUsfi-L._SL1200_

2 thoughts on “Spare Batteries

  1. I’ve got the same battery which has saved me (and my partner who is a reporter) many a time. I took it on holiday recently to a beach house that didn’t have any electricity. Initially I too asked the question ‘torch? why??’, but found it extremely handy in a house with no lights.

    1. brilliant! I’ve still got to find a use… as i use my phone as a torch. Have you seen there’s a new version of this available now that’s offering 50,000 mA/h … but seems utterly fake if you read reviews on amazon…

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