Mobile Journalism Is Dead

February 7, 2018Tips

It was journalism that was mobile and it should have had a long and happy life. But Mobile Journalism, or MoJo as it became known, is dead. It has ceased to be. MoJo’s obituary reads that it was a way for journalists or reporters to work single-handedly to create audio, video, photographic and text based … Read More

Radio Reporting From a Phone

January 27, 2018reports

  A selection of pieces I’ve recorded, edited and filed or broadcast live on a smartphone   1. Christmas Floods At 1100 I’m sent on a 150 mile drive to Cockermouth in Cumbria for a piece to go out on air before 1700.  The drive takes three hours.  The piece was mixed in a tea … Read More

Reporting: Inside The Story

January 27, 2018reports

In 2015 I travelled twice round the world, reporting on some of the biggest news events of the year.  BBC 5 live has asked me to look back at the places I’d been to and talk about the things I’d seen.  Here’s the programme – you can download an MP3 version of it from the … Read More

Reporting in a Riot

January 27, 2018Tips

Most of the time reporters don’t get hassled when they’re doing their job.  However, there are occasions when things can be volatile – it only takes a moment before moods change and you can find yourself the target for abuse or attack.  I’ve had the (mis) fortune to be in that situation a number of … Read More

Paris: Charlie Hebdo

January 27, 2018records

Twelve people were murdered in the attack in January 2015 on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine based in Paris.  The following day a policewoman was shot dead and the day after that four shoppers in a Jewish supermarket were killed.  On the day of the first shootings I was sent out to … Read More

Ebola – How To Cover A Story Without Reporters

January 27, 2018records

The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa in 2014 was a logistical nightmare for medics to tackle.  It took a year for wide scale deployment of teams on the ground because of the need to keep people safe.  For journalists it posed a host of new problems. Ebola, as you’ll be aware, is easily spread … Read More