Mobile Journalism Is Dead

February 7, 2018Tips

It was journalism that was mobile and it should have had a long and happy life. But Mobile Journalism, or MoJo as it became known, is dead. It has ceased to be. MoJo’s obituary reads that it was a way for journalists or reporters to work single-handedly to create audio, video, photographic and text based … Read More

Reporting in a Riot

January 27, 2018Tips

Most of the time reporters don’t get hassled when they’re doing their job.  However, there are occasions when things can be volatile – it only takes a moment before moods change and you can find yourself the target for abuse or attack.  I’ve had the (mis) fortune to be in that situation a number of … Read More

Nepal: 6 months on

January 26, 2018Tips

In November 2015, six months after Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake I went back to see what had changed.  Journalists often feel they do little good in the world but, occasionally, you realise you CAN do something useful.      


January 26, 2018Tips

The earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 killed an estimated 8000 men women and children.  It was an appalling tragedy in a country that was, let’s be generous, not the best equipped to deal with an emergency tang affected such a large area.  I heard the news and sent a text message to my News … Read More